Our Competencies

We strive for continuous innovation and efficiency to better and faster serve our customers. We develop our strengths and expand our product range. Below, you'll find our core competencies.
Product handling
At DKH, we aim for efficient and automated production. Our CNC lathes have standard bar...
Total Supplier for Turning and Milling
We are a true total supplier for all turning and milling work, whether it's small or large series..
Fair Partner
The relationships we establish with our clients are often long-lasting. We consistently deliver on...


  • CNC Turning: In total, we have 17 CNC lathes equipped with bar feed, with most series in the product range up to Ø65mm. We also have turning-milling combinations, two with a Gantry Loader, two with a Cobot for machine loading and unloading, and three lathes with a Fanuc robot for automated production.

  • CNC Milling: The milling department comprises 11 CNC milling machines, incorporating several robots. For instance, a production cell with 5-axis machines (DMG + OKK) equipped with a BMO loading system produces various materials simultaneously. A similar setup with a Fanuc robot loads two 5-axis machines (Victor AX630 + Grob G350), while a robot cell with pallet handling on a 3-axis Victor mills already turned steel discs.

  • Sawing: In addition to our main facility, we also have a second building housing our sawmill. Due to all the automations, there is always a substantial amount of sawing work at DKH. The sawed components are blown clean and stacked after cutting. Sawing is carried out using three fully automatic and one semi-automatic sawing machine from Kasto. This ensures a constant supply of material.

  • Quality Management: DKH has a conditioned measurement room where quality can be assured. We have a Mitutoyo 3D measuring machine, Mitutoyo Crysta Apex, Trimos V600, and Mitutoyo LH-600. Products undergo quality controls to ensure they meet the desired standards.

  • Cleaning: We can clean products in-house using the BVL Niagara MO. This is a washing machine equipped with a rinsing basin and a washing basin. The machine incorporates technology that allows the basin to rotate freely, ensuring more effective cleaning. Using ultrasonic technology, the machine can effortlessly remove the most stubborn residues from any product. Additionally, there is an option to vacuum the machine, facilitating better drying of the products.

  • Laser Engraving: Products at DKH can be marked using laser engraving, meeting customer requirements for product traceability. Items can be marked both before and after surface treatment.